Web3 and NFT Services Hub

Consulting and Utility hub for RedTye Design, LLC, the creator of The Hottest Rods NFTs, Gateway Kitties, Gateway Puppies, The Purps and other NFT creations.

Our World of NFTs

Multiple colletions active across Solana and Polygon

Fully functional pixel art platform with free minting to Ethereum (+gas) for collection or affiliate holders

Exploring staking, web3 games or utiliies with benefits for our NFT holders


Flexible collaboration terms (flat fee, % mints, full on collaboration, etc.)

Graphic Design Services

Generative art and metadata services

Smart contract builds and deployments

General consulting.  A lending hand with over 20 years of experience in IT

Have worked with several projects in the space, such as Rich Fox Club, Skurpy Town, Poisonous Pinups and more .. 

Our first Gateway Pet, the kitty!  Adorable PFP art at a great price

Second pet released under our Gateway Pets collection series


Lottery-based NFT collection that rewards holders with a potential to win 100 NFTs

Web3-ified Open Source Pixel Art Platform            

Our debut colletion, a tribute to a passion for cars, art and technology


You Are Tagged

A soul-bound, non-transferable token that we created and will award to the awesome members of our network.

These individuals’ will be rewarded.

Family-oriented, collaboration minded

Team of brothers working in the IT and Graphic Design industries.  We fell in love with the world of Web3 and NFTs, bridging art and technology and bringing together countless individuals that are like-minded.

We aim to make our mark and leave some lasting imprints of our style and fandom on the blockchain.

Staking & Rewards (coming soon)

NFT Staking

Stake tokens from our collections to collect “Gateway Points”

Rewards & Raffles

Use your points to win other NFTs, purchase raffle ticket entries, participate in auctions and more .. 


Be rewarded for being our soul-bound friends, our closest network.  Free mints, drops, etc.

@ThadiusCreed on Twitter

The best place to reach me is on Twitter.  Reach out and connect, let’s chat!